Theis Single Clip Holster (Tuckable)

Working out of a one-man shop in Arkansas, and pronounced "Tice", Theis Holsters are handcrafted with quality and crafstmanship in mind.  Theis Holsters' website states "each holster is custom-made to perfectly fit your gun. My holsters are kydex with a leather backing. The kydex holds the firearm firmly against the leather while offering you a much more comfortable way to carry your firearm with the leather against your body." After reading this description, I decided to order one for our new G42.

Customers are offered options including standard cowhide leather backer or premium leather backer. The premium leather is treated and hand rubbed making it sweat resistant. It's smooth on both sides, making it pleasant to wear against your body. Since it's a little thinner, it molds to your body quicker, and shortens the break in time. In short, I went with the standard cowhide and due to preference, I chose the IWB tuckable holster, a preferred carry method of mine.

The Inside-The-Waistband (IWB) single clip, is tuckable and designed to be worn around the 4 to 5 o'clock position for optimal comfort. The leather backer is matched to the size of your firearm. The holster comes with a heavy duty powder coated metal belt clip to hold your holster firmly in place. There is no doubt it's a heavy duty clip - excellent quality! If you need clips to fit a larger belt, when ordering you can just note it in the special instructions. The cant and ride height of your weapon is fully adjustable with this model. It should be noted that the Single Clip holster is one of Theis' early designs. It was designed for small 380 and 9mm pistols.  It's tuckable and you can adjust the cant and ride height. Theis Holsters offer full slide coverage option for individuals that prefer this, a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

One of the most impressive offerings from Theis Holsters was a simple, yet invaluable email received as my order was shipped. This email states:

"I just finished your order and it is shipping 1st class USPS, I hope you enjoy it ... your holster will squeak until it gets broke in good, but don't worry it will totally stop! You can put a little baby or talcum powder on it around the clip area and where the kydex meets the leather from time to time to help stop the squeaking. You can also use any commercial leather conditioner. Apply liberally to the front side only...

The retention level is different for everyone so I try to go middle of the road where it firmly holds firearm in place while allowing you to draw your firearm comfortably from inside your waistband. If it is a too tight, twist the grip to the right or left as you start to draw to see if that releases it from the holster. It will loosen up a little as it breaks in, it will help to draw it 20 to 30 times to let it start to groove and mate with the leather and kydex. Depending on the gun it may shave a little kydex during the break in period but this is normal nothing to worry about. The ejection ports of some guns are a lot sharper than the blue dummy guns I use. If you just want to loosen it up a little put the gun in a thick sock and push it into the holster and leave it overnight...."

The email goes on to talk about adjusting the retention level with detailed instruction, as well as numerous other potential concerns, design questions and just about anything else a cutomer might be wondering.

One particular statement that impressed me was:

"When you get your holster you will find a few marks on the leather where a gun has been! Unlike a pretty new one you purchased in a store that was made and packaged by someone in china. That is because I put your holster on and stuck a gun in it! I drew it and re-holstered several times. Making sure it works like it is supposed to. That is the difference in a truly handmade holster, I do them all that way. Not only because my name is on it, but because your life may depend on it!"

While in fact this is a significant amount of information in an email, it offers reassurance that you're dealing with a reputable company who cares about the satisfaction of their customers. After significant usage of this holster, the leather has formed magnificently with body contour and the pistol.  Retention level has also stayed fairly similar to the initial level when the holster arrived day one.  Originally, I had concerns about switching holster styles and this particular setup. It has proved to be incredibly comfortable with the G42. I can wear it all day, tucked/untucked and with an array of clothing styles without noticing the firearm's presence. 

It's obvious that the holster market is flooded as are many consumer markets with an often absurd number of options to choose from. However, after having the holster in hand, completing a solid break-in period and knowing the gentleman behind the name, it's no doubt Theis Holsters are a great option for individuals searching for the right holster.