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Simmons Custom Calls have been designed to reproduce the exact sounds of hen mallards. These calls are individually made and tuned to produce the notes as well as the range, needed to communicate effectively with waterfowl. All of Simmons Custom Calls are easy to operate and master along with a guarantee that you will have a fine handmade product.  You will enjoy the quality, sound, and results that each call produces. If you prefer a design of your own, Simmons Custom Calls will be happy to accommodate.

Simmons Custom Duck Calls have been designed from experience and modeled after traditional calls to work and sound like a pure hen mallard. These calls represent the true sense of meat calling and offer serious hunters a unique chance to own a true hunter's call. Our duck calls cover the complete range of needed notes and have an amazingly realistic sound. If you desire to call and hunt ducks effectively along with drawing in mallards, you should consider Simmons Custom Calls. We guarantee your call to be built with passion and a respect for tradition. Any questions that you may have or if there is anything that we can do to assist you in your call selection, please let us know.
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